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History of the Atlanta Suomi Finland Society


“The Finns of Atlanta” history book has been published and is now available for purchasing.

Who knew there were Finns in the Deep South? Not only has there been a flourishing Finnish Society in Atlanta, but there was even a small utopian society near Brunswick, GA. This book tells the forty-year history of the Atlanta Suomi Finland Society against the background of Atlanta's efforts to become an "international" city, welcoming to foreign business.

How the Finns of Atlanta have worked to maintain their language and culture is described in some detail in this book and will surely be of interest to Finnish societies elsewhere in the U.S. and around the world. In the process, you will learn some interesting stories about Atlanta as well.

To order your copy, please contact:
Author: Margareta Martin

Contact email:
Phone: USA 404-373-9910

Cost: $20.00 + Shipping


How Atlanta Finland Society, Inc. (AFS, Inc.) was incorporated

May 2, 2009 marks the date when merging Atlanta Suomi-Finland Society (ASFS) and Atlanta Suomikoulu (ASK) came to fruition.  The membership meeting took place in conjunction with the Vappu party.  Many members attended and voted for Atlanta Finland Society, Inc. (AFS, Inc) to be formed by merging (ASFS) and (ASK).  Board members and the president were elected in this meeting. 

Atlanta Finland Society, Inc. (AFS, Inc.) has been incorporated and registered with the Secretary of State in Georgia.  By far the most important benefit from the merger and incorporation is that we were able to obtain a non-profit status with the IRS.  This means for example that should we receive donations those would be tax deductible to the donor, which would make us a more attractive charity in seeking monetary contributions from corporations and individuals alike. 

The biggest difference between now (Atlanta Finland Society) and before (Atlanta Suomi Finland Society and Atlanta Suomikoulu as separate organizations) is that we only have one board of trustees and one set of officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer).  This will cut back on time and resources spent on administrative tasks and most importantly will eliminate duplication of work on everyone’s part, including the members.  No need to fill out two different membership forms and pay two different fees etc.